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Specializing in cataract surgery and cosmetic procedures, practicing in Orlando for over 18 years, and performing over 1000 surgeries annually.
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Dr. Brian Haas Orlando Eye Doctor and Plastic Surgeon
Voluma Juviderm

Voluma Doctor

Aging isn't just about wrinkles. Our faces also loose volume and begin to sag. A JUVÉDERM VOLUMA injection instantly adds volume to your face, making you look younger.

orlando eye doctor

Orlando Eye Doctor

From dry eyes to glaucoma we provide high quality comprewhensive eye care. Schedule an eye exam with us today.

Orlando Botox Doctor

Botox Orlando

Decades add wrinkles to our faces resulting in frown lines, glabella, and crows feet. Taking as few as 10 minutes, a Botox treatment can reduce many of the effects of aging.

Orlando eyelid blepharoplasty

Eyelid Blepharoplasty

Our eyelids have a dramatic effect on our appearance and they also affect our vision. Cosmetic blepharoplasty combats the effects of aging around your eyes.

Orlando eye exam

Eye Exams

Preventative maintenance isn’t the most glamorous of subjects, so it’s rarely talked about. At Boutique Eye Orlando, we take your eye care seriously so you can live full, healthy life. Part of that responsibility towards our patients includes regular eye exams.

asian eyelid surgery

Asian Eyelid Surgery

Asian eyelid surgery simply creates a natural eyelid crease. When the procedure is complete, you’ll have a more defined crease, creating a more beautiful and radiant gaze while maintaining your personal and cultural identity.

Myths about Botox Injections

Botox Injections and Fillers

Don't let a myth keep you from looking your best. Dr. Brian Haas, who has done thousands of Botox injections, debunks some of the common myths related to Botox injections and Botox Fillers.

Premium Cataract Surgery

Premium Cataract Surgery

Cataracts can be very life-limiting. At Boutique Eye Orlando, we perform Premium Cataract surgeries that not only fix your cataracts, but will likely let you get rid of your glasses.

paying for Oculoplastic surgery

Oculoplastic Surgery

A fresh new look is invaluable. Yet, paying for ocuplastic surgery is one of the biggest concerns of our clients. Here are some practical ideas to help pay for your procedure.

5 5 1
Everything was good and my expectations were fully met. Doctor and staff took time to explain everything very well. I look better after surgery and follow up appointments. Excellent work! Thank you!

5 5 1
After wearing glasses for so long I finally decided to rid myself of the problem for good. Having known and been a client for years, I knew Dr. Haas would be the one to do my procedure. The explanation of the procedure was perfect. The procedure was done in a very sterile atmosphere with a very friendly and caring staff all done like a fine oiled machine. No problems with schedules and I was in and out. The best thing is I can see without glasses and everything is so much brighter and clearer. Very pleased with my results and highly recommend his services.
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